New York City’s Hidden Gardens

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While filming my latest mini adventure of Life In Full Bloom, I was inspired to take my friends and fans on a trip through some of my favorite hidden gardens in New York City’s lower east side. However, to my surprise, I was a little shocked to find that they were almost all closed!

Our first destination was a quaint garden on Houston Street, which we could see gardeners working on. And, albeit people inside, no visitors were allowed except on certain visiting hours. It seemed like such a tease to see such a beautiful sanctuary off limits!

So we decided to go around the corner to another blissful location, Albert’s Garden, on East 2nd Street. A beautiful unoccupied slate of land with sprawling trees and beautiful rustic sitting areas, (maybe even inspired from the John Derian store a few doors down). However when we got there, we were greeted by a very rude garden worker who wouldn’t allow us to enter even though the door was open. Another failed attempt to relax on this glorious day!

Maybe it was just the East side where parks were off limits, because when we finally rode our bikes to The Garden of Saint Luke’s on Hudson Street in Manhattan’s West Village, we lucked out and were able to explore the peaceful garden, picnic on the bench and feel the warm sun on our faces!

If you want to see the gardens (both on and off limits!) watch my episode of Life In Full Bloom here on  YouTube to get a glimpse into this fun day :)

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